Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reading Response: "writing autobiography"

Readings on Writing (p.177-180)
Reading Response
"writing autobiography" by bell hooks

           The article by hooks details her experience in trying to write an autobiography of her childhood as well as childhood memories themselves. Her article is related to Brandt's article because she describes influences in her childhood that may be hindering her ability to write about her past- thus describing a sponsor of her literacy which is what Brandt explained. This article also relates to Malcolm X and Alexie's articles because all of them describe a part of their past and things that influenced their literacies (whether it was reading, writing, or understanding in general). hooks also relates to Kleine because she is hunting and gathering for information- not in books- but in her own mind. In a distant way, hooks relates to Allen in Diaz just because she is not an inspired writer and she is having trouble writing her childhood autobiography just as Diaz had trouble writing his work. 


  1. Stephanie--
    I wish you would have brought these connections to class today.

  2. Oops, did't finish. This post does a great job addressing how literacy had a freeing effect. Malcolm X even stated that he felt freer than ever.