Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reading Response: "The Joy of Reading and Writing"

Writing About Writing (p. 362-365)
Reading Response
"The Joy of Reading and Writing" by Sherman Alexie

         Alexie's article relates closely to the articles by Brandt and Malcolm X. Alexie describes his past experience in learning to read and the things that influenced him. His literacies arised from comics, old random books, Indian culture mixed with American culture, and his drive to be smart. All of these things, as Brandt explained, were Alexie's sponsors of literacy. Malcolm too described his history of learning to read and his sponsors of literacy. So, essentially, Malcolm and Alexie are stories that support Brandt's claim of there being sponsors to one's multiple literacies. 

        Alexie relates to Elbow just because he uses voice, and he relates to King. He relates to King because King wants writers to be serious- and Alexie was so serious about his literacy that he became a writer himself, and award winning one, and he tries to pass that on to the students at the schools he visits. 

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