Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reading Response: "Learning to Read"

Writing About Writing (p. 353-360)
"Learning to Read"by Malcolm X

         This article was all about the author's life experiences that led him to read. For that reason, "Learning to Read" relates mostly to the article by Brandt. Brandt's article explained how there are sponsors of literacy, or things that effect someones literacies. Malcolm explains several sponsors. First, being in the street was a sponsor that hindered his reading ability. However, after going to prison- the library in prison itself was a huge sponsor of historical and educational literacies in Malcolm's life. Malcolm explained that people- such as Bimbi, Ella and Reginald (his visitors), debating prisoners, the authors he chose to read, Mr. Elijah Muhammed, and Parkhurst- all influenced his want to read, and his literacies in the subjects they promoted. The dictionary itself could even be considered a sponsor of Malcolm's literacy in vocabulary and writing. Also, Malcolm's interest in the oppressed non-white man contributed to his literacy. Brandt's article and Malcolm's article are closely related. 

        Malcolm's article also related to other authors we have read in class. In a way, Malcolm demonstrates a true gatherer of information as described by Kleine because he dug deep into his books for discovery. Also, Malcolm's work comes from his autobiography- which is most certainly a time to use voice. He did use voice, and therefore can be distantly related to Elbow. 

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