Friday, November 30, 2012

Reading Response: "Tilli, Tlapalli: The Path of the Red and Black Ink"

Readings on Writing (p. 220-226)
Reading Response
“Tilli, Tlapalli: The Path of the Red and Black Ink” by Gloria Anzaldua

This article can be related to the articles by Elbow, Wardle, Malinowitz, and Alexie. Anzaldua herself can be linked to Flynn: both are feminists.

·      Elbow describes voice in writing and I think it is very clear that Anzaldua uses her strong voice in her work. Her voice is not only apparent in just words, but topic and structure as well; essentially, I felt Anzaldua talking to me.
·      Wardle discusses identity. Although Wardle talks about identity in terms of the work place, I still believe it relevant to Anzaldua’s discussion of identity in terms of culture. She frequently identifies with her culture and distinguishes it from others—and thus her work is affected by her identity.
·      Malinowitz talks about the gay and lesbian community and how hiding their orientation can cause anxiety. Anzaldua wrote, “Writing produces anxiety… Being a writer feels very much like being a Chicana, or being queer – a lot of squirming, coming up against all sorts of wall” (224). I feel that though Anzaldua is not talking specifically about whether or not she feels this because she is gay, she can identity with and strengthen Malinowitz’ argument.
·      Anzaldua and Alexie are rather similar. Both authors write about their cultures, oppression of sorts, and their personal style of writing and how and why it is that way. 

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  1. These are great connections. Do you see more with Malinowitz in terms of multiplicity?